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Joint the next generation of sling shot owners by purchasing a "Sling Shot Rifle"

I remember as a boy, my only fire arm was a forked stick and a length of inner tube. With much practice I became quite proficient and could hit just about anything. The memory of that early weapon motivated me to develop this unique rifle. I kept thinking how much more consistent and accurate a rifle is over a pistol. My old sling shot was like a pistol; could a rifle be made to increase its power and accuracy?

Well it can and it has. The Sling Shot Rifle does everything I ever dreamed of. This amazing product is great for hunting small game, target practice, and gun safety education and training. Use with Paint Balls, steel shot, or marbles.

It's ideal for target practice in the back yard, and because it's so quiet; it doesn't disturb the neighbors.

Proudly made in the USA, in a little town at the foothills of the North Cascade Mountains (6,000 miles from China).

Our Website provides details and specifications of this amazing product, as well as the opportunity to make your purchase or request more information.

Stan Wing,
Inventor, Sling Shot Rifle

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